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The Wine, Beer, And Spirits Handbook

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Master the mysteries of wine.

The study of wine and beverages has become integral to hospitality education. The Wine, Beer, and Spirits Handbook demystifies the wine and wine-making process, examining not only the making and flavor profiles of wine, beer, and spirits, but also the business of wine service as practiced by a chef or sommelier.

Unique to this book, is the strong emphasis on food and wine pairings, as well as food and beverage interactions. An entire chapter uncovers this broad, often intimidating, topic with detailed information on table wines, sparkling wines, fortified wines, beer and spirits.

More importantly, The Handbook explains the responsibilities of a sommelier from both service and managerial perspectives. Readers explore their wine-related duties including: the developing of wine lists, identifying faulty wines, ordering, receiving, and storing wines, conducting inventory control, pricing, product research, cellar management, and the health and legal implications of wine consumption.

A comprehensive, one-stop resource to the character and best use of beverages, The Wine, Beer, and Spirits Handbook will help every student, chef, sommelier and wine enthusiast confidently master the mysteries of wine and other beverages.

Worlds Entwined F1

RRP $12.99

AuthorAuthor is a writers group based on Facebook, created and moderated by Martin van Houwelingen since 2014. As we all live in different parts of the world, we therefore have never met. Some of us have published, some of us have not, some have years of writing experience, some are just beginning. But all of us found we shared something special, a love for writing stories. Dividing writers by genre alone, we set our goal on publishing cheap and affordable books with short stories and story snippets in that selected genre in an effort to get read and recognized. None of us is getting paid and everything is strictly on volunteer basis. If you are a writer, an editor or cover artist and want to join us, then feel free to do so. The more people we find, the more books we will be able to publish and the more exposure we all will find. https: //

Eat, Drink, And Be Merry (luke 12:19) - Food And Wine In Byzantium

RRP $457.99

This volume brings together a group of scholars to consider the rituals of eating together in the Byzantine world, the material culture of Byzantine food and wine consumption, and the transport and exchange of agricultural products. The contributors present food in nearly every conceivable guise, ranging from its rhetorical uses - food as a metaphor for redemption; food as politics; eating as a vice, abstinence as a virtue â" to more practical applications such as the preparation of food, processing it, preserving it, and selling it abroad. We learn how the Byzantines viewed their diet, and how others â" including, surprisingly, the Chinese â" viewed it. Some consider the protocols of eating in a monastery, of dining in the palace, or of roughing it on a picnic or military campaign; others examine what serving dishes and utensils were in use in the dining room and how this changed over time. Throughout, the terminology of eating â" and especially some of the more problematic terms â" is explored. The chapters expand on papers presented at the 37th Annual Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies, held at the University of Birmingham under the auspices of the Society for the Promotion of Byzantine Studies, in honour of Professor A.A.M. Bryer, a fitting tribute for the man who first told the world about Byzantine agricultural implements.


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