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The Stained (glass) Book Of Trump

RRP $18.99

24 Politically Incorrect Trumpisms to Color for Grownups Each coloring page is printed on a separate sheet to avoid bleed-through Thumbnail image pages give you a quick preview look at each image Each Coloring Page is Designed for Fun, Relaxation, and Stress Relief in this volatile politcal season Each page is as politically incorrect as the candidate himself Each page can become a treasured Political Collectible Each coloring page is suitable for framing or for use as a dart board target This book contains three sections - Toys For Trump, Trump's View of the World, and The World's View of Trump For centuries, cathedrals of the world have presented important moments and ideas as stained glass works of art. Stained glass has allowed light to penetrate even the darkest corners of both buildings and minds. In this tumultuous time we live in, one political candidate has created the need for that light to shine throughout the world, bringing illumination to how he sees himself, and how he is seen by others. What better way to bathe him in the cold hard light of reality than to create The Stained (glass) Book of Trump? It is said that coloring relieves stress. It is my hope that you, the colorist, will find at least a few moments of calm, centered, zen-like freedom from political turmoil within these pages. If you find a chuckle or two as well, that is also a good thing. Laughter is a strong tool to use against bullies and has many proven medical benefits. So sit back, pick up your coloring tools of choice and have a go at creating your very own political memorabilia, suitable for hanging on the wall, printed out on sheep hide, papyrus, or the paper of your choice and preserving forever the memorable quotes and verbal ramblings of Donald Trump. Directions for Use: Find the coloring page that speaks to your inner Voice of Trump Pick out your coloring tools of choice Achieve an inner state of political relaxation as you color in a Trumpism for the Ages


RRP $44.99

Axiom-man has been captured and locked inside an enormous electric cage. Within? A small city and residential zone. Who made them or for what purpose, he doesn't know. One thing is certain, however: he is trapped and at the mercy of those who took him captive. The intentions are soon made clear with the appearance of two super-powered beings: the tank-like Battle Bruiser and the playful femme fatale Lady Fire. Soon the battle begins and Axiom-man is forced to survive against those with powers that rival his own. And it seems these two new metahumans are only the beginning. Something is brewing beneath the surface of reality, something sinister that will change the course of history and Axiom-man's life forever. Something is rumbling. About the Author: A.P. Fuchs is the author of many novels and short stories. His most recent efforts of putting pen to paper are Axiom-man Episode No. 3: Rumblings, The Dance of Mervo and Father Clown, The Canister X Transmission: Year One and Mech Apocalypse. Also a cartoonist, he is known for his superhero series, The Axiom-man Saga, both in novel and comic book format. For more on A.P. Fuchs, please visit his blog/site at http: //, and sign up for his free weekly newsletter, which includes publishing and marketing tips, at http: // He can also be followed on Twitter at http: //

Rumours : A Luxe Novel

RRP $19.95

December 1899 - New York City Manhattan has bid farewell to its brightest star, the dazzling Miss Holland. Yet the rumors about her untimely demise continue. Meanwhile, her sister, the irrepressible Diana, has been seen in the company of not one, but three eligible bachelors.

Might there be a fourth? In High Society reputation is everything. The Holland family simply can't afford to be the subject of such wicked whispers. Heaven forbid that they should fall so spectacularly from grace...There is a very fine line between truth and love, lies and hate.

And all is about to be gloriously revealed.

Author Biography: Anna Godbersen was born in Berkeley, California, the daughter of a cab driver and a painter. She studied English at college, and has been assistant to the Literary Editor at Esquire magazine since 2003. She writes weekly reviews for various New York magazines, and has written several young adult novels under a pseudonym. Rumours is the long-awaited sequel to her fantastically successful novel, The Luxe.


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