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Why Donald Trump Would Make A Great President

RRP $13.99

This book gives ALL the reasons why Donald Trump would make a great President. This book explains in great detail why Donald Trump would make America great again. ---- This is an anti-Trump BLANK BOOK of a hundred pages with no content because Donald Trump would not make a great President. Great gift for Donald Trump haters.

The Heart As A Drum

RRP $278.99

"The Heart as a Drum" celebrates poetry by a range of contemporary Native American writers, illuminating the poets' shared commitments and distinctive approaches to political resistance and cultural survival. The poetry reflects an awareness of the divisions and conflicts inherited from colonization and a commitment to traditional beliefs about the relatedness of all beings. This double perception engenders poetry that emphasizes resistance and continuance and poetry that makes creative and unique use of language. The book elucidates these aspects of the work through cultural and historical readings of poetry written by both urban- and reservation-identified Indians from varied geographic and tribal origins.
The book's focus is on the major themes in contemporary Native American literature: community and audience, the meanings of place and history, spiritual experiences, the nature of language, and the roles and varieties of storytelling. The poets whose works are discussed include Sherman Alexie, Joy Harjo, Maurice Kenny, Simon J. Ortiz, Wendy Rose, Elizabeth Woody, and Ray Young Bear.
The first critical book dedicated to contemporary Native American poetry, "The Heart as a Drum" will be useful to students, teachers, and critics of American Indian cultures and literatures, and to all readers of contemporary American poetry.
Robin Riley Fast is Associate Professor of Literature, Emerson College.

The Last Trumpet

RRP $56.99

Are you willing to momentarily set aside your view of the rapture and try to interpret scripture from a different perspective?

Let's imagine you find yourself confused and in awe of an event that has recently occurred. There are reports of millions of people having instantaneously vanished. After considerable thought, you come to realize the truth in what many Christians were saying.

They spoke of a time when God would translate to heaven all who acknowledged Jesus as the true Messiah and received him as their Savior. You also remember them speaking of a time of great trial that would befall those who did not understand the gospel of Jesus and also those who just flat-out rejected him. Deeply concerned that what they said just might be true, you decide to search the scriptures for the truth; in doing so, you discover what the future has in store for those who were left behind.

""Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man"" (Luke 21:36).


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