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Confessions & Cocktails

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Five funny stories paired with five fun cocktails

#1 Amazon Best Selling Author

Drink up the good life in the City of Light!

If you've ever had one too many drinks and ended up spilling one too many secrets, this book is for you! This mini "memoirette" is a collection of stories about my life in Paris, designed to give you a taste of my writing style. Each vignette is paired with a sassy cocktail recipe that ties in to the theme of the essay.

So grab that cocktail shaker and let's get this party started!

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The collection of humorous essays shows the funny side of life, love, and raising a family in Paris.

Interview with the Author

Q. What was your inspiration to write the Confessions series?

A. After a few too many drinks at the bar, I either turn to storytelling or karaoke. I'm much better at storytelling-or so my friends say! They encouraged me to put my tales to paper, and thus was born my series of memoirs, essentially a collection of funny essays.

Q. OK, so they're technically memoirs. But they seem different than traditional memoirs. How would you categorize them?

A. Most of the best selling memoirs are written by celebrities, who already have a huge audience. I had to choose a different angle in order to stand out, so I went for humor. I hope people find my memoirs funny, with all the dating humor you would find in chick lit. I also talk about my travels, so my books would appeal to anyone who likes travel humor and travel memoirs by women.Confessions of a Paris Party Girl includes partying and dating humor, whileConfessions of a Paris Potty Trainer would fall into the parenting humor or pregnancy humor categories.

Q. Yikes... Those are practically spoilers!

A. Sorry! Between my French last name and my author bio, I think the cat might already be out of the bag. However, even if you have a rough idea of how it all ends up, you have no idea how rough it was getting there until you read my books!

Q. Aren't there already so many memoirs, and ones about Paris in particular? Why should I choose yours?

A. It's true, there are some really great Paris memoirs out there. The fact that I have read (and enjoyed!) so many best selling memoirs myself makes me think it's a popular genre for a reason. We're always thirsty for another sip of Paris, right? To travel to Paris through the pages of a book... to fall in love with Paris again!

Q. What order should I read the books in?

A. Each book in the Confessions series can stand alone, but like fine wine and pungent cheese, they go great together! I would recommend the following order:

- Petite Confessions: A Humorous Memoirette
- Confessions of a Paris Party Girl: A Humorous Travel Memoir
- Confessions of a Paris Potty Trainer: A Humorous Parenting Memoir
- Confessions & Cocktails: A Humorous Memoirette

If you enjoy fun, light reads with an inside look of what it's really like to live in France, you'll enjoy the Confessions series. Thanks for reading!


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For readers who enjoy: funny essays, travel essays, funny memoirs, travel memoirs by women, travel humor, parenting humor, and parenting memoirs.

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